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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  July 23, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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looked dazed and audience didn't say a word reporter elizabeth cup with more on what happened in court. it looked like he didn't even know was going on at one time he looked like he was even falling asleep. as he sat feet away from the families of victims. to have any questions? the hearings purpose was to inform him of charges he will soon face. committed the offense of first-degree murder was a class one felony on the colorado law the prosecutor will file those charges by next monday and the public defender is expected to soon file a motion for a mental health evaluation. this is always mug shots the 24 year-old suspects at times does and off
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during the 12 minute hearing. holmes did not seem to make that contact with anyone in the room. five members of the victims' families came to court to see the proceedings among them even sullivan. the father of six year-old veronica mozer sullivan the youngest victim. colorado is a stay with the death penalty in and district attorney carol chambers told reporters that is being considered gauche will first discuss this with the victim. if you talk to them victims in the mood is not to go for the death penalty rebound in some way to fall their wishes? the quakes will ultimately be the decision of the prosecutors on a case. they attended elementary school in castro. this is the class thought he was known as jimmy former friend says homes always compete with other friends to be the best students but basically got along
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with everybody. and they've learned investigators looking into the homes had a possible breakup with his girlfriend before the shooting. elizabeth cup cbs five. friends are trying to raise money for one of the shooting victims. there were shot in the eye that the theater and remains in an induced,. in the same hospital one floor way his wife heat is about to give birth to their first child. the medical bills could total $2 million and his friends is held in the public all help. to talk about them because we know he can hear is he needs to be a dad and he needs to get better. so far friends have raised more than $44,000. after fundraising in the bay area yesterday met romney left this morning to campaign in orange
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county the former governor of massachusetts has a small business roundtable. and it'll be either in small business is has always had a big impact. we want people to have good wages and better benefits. met or the raleigh will address the veterans of foreign wars tomorrow before leaving at 83 country trip to the u.k. is still in poland. he handed down a punishment that cover up on the state. to sexually assault children for years. cbs reporter reports that the sanctions cripple the future of penn state football and what about the glory of its past. did ways and see a president delivered a powerful rebuke to a school that he said right follow before all else. is that the sports
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themselves the results were perverse and unconscionable. the sanctions include a record $60 million fine equal to one year's revenues of the football team a four year ban on ballgames the loss of 40 scholarships of the next four years in a devastating blow to a top program like penn state. five years probation essentially house arrest by the ncaa. and subject to an integrity monitor and vacating all penn state wins under former head coach joe paterno from 1998 to 2011 to away 111 of his wins me the coast caught up in the cover-up and the longer have the most wins in major college football. this came one day at the university removed under a blue blanket the icon statue of taino symbolizing his once
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exalted stature. there's no place they can levy. however we can make clear that the culture actions and inactions that allow them to be victimized will not be tolerated in collegiate athletics. as the sanctions were announced emotions poured out from inside the university student union. the off ramp released a statement that some parts the sanctions defame the legacy in contributions of a great coach and educator without any input for my family or those who knew him best this is not an affair or thoughtful action one of the unprecedented things about these sanctions is that they don't regret record of violations are cheating the chairman of the ncaa executive committee omaha defended the ruling. not only to have the authority we also have the
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responsibility to save that such behavior is not only against our bylaws and constitution but also against our value system and basic human decency. there will be no appeal is their consigned and consent decree. while the ball than last for four years the overall impact will almost certainly affect the football program and the school for a decade or more. it used to making reservations for hotels what was said he spotted the er? it's what one their hospitals offer his patients. the emergency waiting room that is the crossroads of madison and frustration. so your experience e r way * are long and painful and boring. san ramon regional
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medical centers average wait time is 45 minutes not bad considering the national averages four hours but now they're the first in the bay area to try to ease the waves with the online reservation web tool called a and quicker be guaranteed as to when you come they you are given a patient room within 15 minutes. their main web site shows lively times it's too long you can reserve a spot using in a quicker koses 99 if he can't get in within 50 minutes of your reservation it will refund the money. the equates what is convenient for people because if they have discovered the not feeling well but they're not really in a life-threatening situation and they can say in hamas and then watch tv whenever the ontario and then come in when it's convenient for them as soon as the book is after refuse the request and will tell you to come in immediately if needed to
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get is a block out reservation times until the closedown the launch the service to coincide its new $10 million renovation and but it's not life- threatening you can get a reservation and its brilliant. hopefully it's not something people ought to sue often buys and is a great idea. when it comes to making reservations online to the bay area fashion there's a knack for that. fortunately thousands of people are on the case the committee effort to save the litterbug. did we sure everyone expects the phone to be slightly different but this time apple is going a little further. kids thinking of ways to change the world the company that could put their ideas and to play what happens when young scientists have google on their side. it's 91
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degrees in livermore and now the day this week that will perhaps be the coolest. our back on the
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campaign trail and 87 today. today this trip is more of the cast and boats csi reporter kristin harris tells us just how much has been pledged for the president's reelection campaign. the visit was expected to bring in $3 million say alone but also
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broadened irate protesters some ovenbird american flags and he was speaking. a standing ovation as president obama's took the stage of the fox theater in his 17th visit to california as elections light cycle alone. the matter what you look like this place america days a place we can make it. new bluntly upheld the californians over cash. not asking you for your help. not asking you for your votes. now i'm asking you to knock on doors. any state that is the virtual cash cow of about his campaign and now rummies. but mr. obama's also getting a hefty amount of help. he has collected a cool $33 million from
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california contributions through june he pulled an 2 million more of its $35,800 a plate fund- raiser in piedmont. of far cries from the front lines of the zero protests in downtown oakland. cameras are rolling my dozen protesters set fire to welcome all, some paulo avondale keep them high with an american flag. in anticipation of the protests security was tight today additional police officers on duty in an entire block surrounding the theater shutdown. expenses city officials said that they now some businesses also had to shut down today and received no customers i talked to city officials who could not give me an exact estimate. that cost will be absorbed by police. to
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equate prisoners and oakland's. hamas on the bay area from the surprise wrapped into their property tax. tip waves by stipulation and in proposition aids takes on prop. bodies rebounds the mercury news reports 37,000 homeowners and said there county alone. 80 percent increase in taxes this year they but populations have declined over the years so much so the researchers are putting my call for help michelle greater shows us a research projects across north america has enlisted people around the bay as citizens scientists. it may look like your average played a pragmatics in a year- old assets are conducting a i believe research. i just look and try to see if there's anything bad to is moving around in the plants. the goal is to
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find and photograph the bugs for extensive project to map and the creatures from marin to maine. it's become apparent that as scientist just a few of us could months really track and map all the species of lady bugs. cornell university entomologist leslie l. lee is a researcher with a lot lead the project. her colleagues says discover why some native species are becoming aware. this is a cause for concern for pass control and for general environmental by diversity. today contributors have some added more than 17,000 lady bug pictures. rarely are looking for the bugs. they say the chance for him to learn about the environment and the role of play.
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i love that he is a citizen scientists. he is out there he and one of his friends could find a bug that is really important to the work at these scientists at cornell doing. we're looking for nine spotted lady bugs because that is the one that they can't find anymore. formatted sits a chance to be a real explorer. the waves got to have fun looking for the bugs. the sub gregos cbs five. and even take part in the prop project by submitting your photos online because of a link at cbs as f dot com. it is supposed to make a wish. to equate i wish for my thunder and lightning. i just love the kids under summertimes storm. in sacramento that have to have or a repeat performance tonight is to look at this. and listen. wow
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2000 lightning strikes reported across the sacramento sky last night just went for hours ago won't deceive will have any kind of a repeat performance nothing on the radar screen at this hour we do have some low clouds and patchy fog working its way to the city right now air temperatures drop down to 50 degrees and a high today as 69 degrees above the average of 66 here's our future cast that already indicates that we have the marine layer pressing up against the crows. sabean to the day by tomorrow morning is committed to well have someone's the plows screaming in the debt is to get 60 mi. this will limit the visibility on the peninsula for the morning commutes house retreat but we still have the affluence of the marine layer in the form of some cooler air mass will have some cool air tonight tomorrow. the degrees and to
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send a mouse multis going down 81 degrees in sunnyvale 83 morgan held down for the low 80s and saturday to 78 degrees meanwhile east of the day in the end up to 87 degrees at the outside #down from 91 degrees that was in the mid-80s down to a gradual cooling trend there otherwise '60s and '70s across the central day. the extended forecast calls for additional cooling you will feel the difference wednesday through friday and before high pressure strengthens won't render thanks to greta. a small change that have a big impact on iphone users. apple's reportedly went to get rid of that 30 pin connector that uses on all of mobilizes and their revenues smaller 19 pin connector that would mean apple users to have invested hundreds of accessories
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to use at 30 penn connector hot apple the company they're willing to break old things where software or hardware to move ahead and get some points that had to move on from that third and connectors though it's going tonight people. most other non apple device's uses my career as the connectors which could be used across multiple brands. a bay area based company is coming off the big board be coffee and tea is going private the german conglomerate is by the company for nearly a billion dollars. a stamp place when people remain headquartered in every del. the best and brightest went head-to-head on the peninsula's tonight. what's online for scientists still too young to vote? room need. she's
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spent the past decade motivating boys and girls to shoot for the stars. she was diagnosed in credit cancer 17 months ago sally ride was 61 years old. you remember the science fair project he made that change the world? not many of us can. but are signs fares weren't put on by google hi there csi reporter mike sugarman introduces us to students crating useful complex and very high-tech projects. or redoing your grades? the fed's money national said eyes swimming competition and dancing in the high school presentation she is helping to save the world. for
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under $25 talk i also provide water for developing countries? it is a physical adulteration the final filtration and the power system. likely others do said there from los gatos one of 15 finalists in gould's 2012 science fair thousands of projects from all of the world a little down to these unlikely some of the smartest kids on the planet. smart and i have both made them in the past as weird that great that would be 14 year-old from pennsylvania who have harnessed their knowledge and love of video games to make one that helps kids learn more in class. we seem projects that are on the level of the science paper with some projects that sell the practical problem by adopting as we got quite the spectrum here scientific american and editor-in-chief among the judges sent the best the best the winner gets a trip to the clock as islands and $50,000 in cash those letters will be announced later tonight.
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and monday mike sherman cbs five. is later tonight we know the grand prize winner 17 year- old breadwinner of liquid wrench florida her project is a cloud computer program that could provide a cheaper and less invasive method and to detect money malignant breast tumors. william dealing there's a trace of it yankees the milkmen with a little help from his friends denied the chance and next. will
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the might be some changes coming brandon dollars is one for 20 on the giants is road trips it's nice to his bench while paula cent of all played first base fine double sun hasn't won
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since june and some ideas that brought padres his transitions six in seven innings allowing just one run the giants' offense got busy gets played richard foster posies rbi single was one of four runs scored by san francisco and the first inning. three ransack opposite field for posey just got into the sea disposal was 3 for 4 in the stores night's 71 giants and is extending but we of the military but the milkman's into the crowd of a setback giants win seven to one. to the yankees for 82001 mvp was one fortnight and they beat them four to one. after being slapped in oakland's by the a's. raiders' camp opens in a week and today oakland tried louis murphy to the panthers for a job and murphy and his 15
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receptions last season. can you believe this? two teams and the batteries were about ready to play a little football. .
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,, - it's a beautiful morning at dunder mifflin-- or as i like to call it... great bratton. keep it running. do i love being manager? i love my kids. i love real estate. i love ceramics. i love my job.


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